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Google today announced details of their new Google Apps Vault service which should be of interest to a great many people.

Currently Google offer enterprise email discovery solutions through it’s Postini and Google Message Discovery services. These are great tools but integration with Google Apps just isn’t there unless you use a third party (such as Backupify). With Google Apps Vault you can archive all of your Google data at the company level, including Chat and email – Google Docs support will be added over the next few months – and you can be sure it’s there as it now features an indefinite retention period.

The biggest issue faced with companies when investigation misconduct within the workplace is often finding information to show what happened, who did what, and who knew. With Google Apps Vault you’ll be able to search your Google Apps data company wide as well as be able to put a Legal Hold in place to retain information at the point of disclosure.

All this for just £5 per user per month. It’s great value and certainly something we’ll be posting more about over the next months.

More information and screenshots will be coming soon.

Oliver Marshall

Oliver lives in a sussex village, raises chickens and children, and brews beer. He’s also been known to fix a few computers as well in his day job as Technical Partner here at G2 Support.

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