Managed IT Support Services

Managed IT Support Services

With our pro-active managed IT support services we aim to pro-actively manage your network to prevent issues before they arise. Our managed IT support services ensure that your networks are regularly checked and any issues that arise are taken care of by us, not by your staff.

Free your users to focus on their roles

We actively encourage your users to report issues directly to our technicians, whether by phone, email, or the web, whatever the issue may be. This allows us to build a relationship directly with them as well as with you. It also means that your staff spend as little time as possible dealing with an issue. Our monitoring agent software and monitoring servers also alert us to issues as soon as they are detected.

Clearly defined response times

We operate a sliding scale of response time depending on the nature of the issue. Every issue is acknowledged within 5 minutes. Critical issues are attended to within an hour and most other issues within 4 hours. We provide details of our services level agreement (SLA) every time you open a ticket, making it at the core of how we work.

Have a complete 360° view of your network

With our managed IT support services you’ll receive regular reports showing a graphical breakdown of the state of your systems. This level of feedback and accountability allows you to know what’s happening with your system all the time and guarantees that you are kept aware and informed about the health of your systems.

Multi-platform support

We’re able to support any platform within your organisation and have the skills and experience to integrate your network, no matter what you are running. Currently supported operating systems are Windows, OS X and Linux. Our managed IT support services allows you to have your network maintained as a whole rather than as individual departments or workgroups.