Online Backup

Data is your companies most important asset. If you lost all of your data tomorrow, would your company still be able to function? Our managed online backup service provide you with a reliable and secure off-site copy of your companies data, retrievable within a few clicks of your mouse.

Fully Managed

Even if you already backup your data, are you taking the time to test that your backups are running as they should? Are you remembering to take your backup tapes or disks home or do they never go further than your desk drawer? Our backup service is fully managed by us to ensure that you can concentrate on getting your work done. We make sure that your backups are running to schedules and if any errors occur we let you know and can even give you guidance on how to resolve them. If you’re in a hurry we can even install the software on your servers and computers for you and configure your first backup jobs.

Advanced Scheduling and Retention

Typically most companies backup their data at the end of each working day. This may be the right thing for your company but if it isn’t we can still support you. Our backup servers are working 24 hours a day and our software allows you to back up as often as you like. You can even backup files every time they are changed by a user. What’s more you aren’t limited to keeping files for a certain period of time in the same way you are when using a standard tape rotation backup. With our managed online backup service you can keep your backups stored for as long as you like, whether that’s weeks, months or even years.


Today companies are far more aware of the importance of data security as a way to beat identity theft and fraud within the organisation. This is why our backup software supports 256 bit AES encryption so that data is secured before it leaves your network and is kept secure while it’s on our servers. You choose a password which is used to encrypt the entire backup. Unlike some other providers, we aren’t able to unlock your data with a master password, and so you can be sure that the only person able to access your information is you.